Current Students and Postdocs

  • Mehdi Jafarnia (PhD Student)

  • Nathan Dahlin (PhD Student)

  • Krishna Chaitanya Kalagarla (PhD Student)

  • K. Shashank Hegde (MS Student)

  • Yogesh Awate, RA, PhD Student

  • Rishabh Agarwal, RA, PhD Student

  • Akhil Agnihotri, RA, PhD Student

  • Cenyi Liu, MS Student researcher

  • William Chang, CURVE Fellow, Undergraduate researcher

  • Matthew Cho, CURVE Fellow, Undergraduate researcher

  • Boyuan Chang, Undergraduate researcher

S2L2 Group Alumni

  • Srinivas Yerramalli (PhD, 2013, Co-advised with U. Mitra) (Currently: Qualcomm)

  • Arman Khouzani (Postdoc, 2013) (Currently: Queen Mary Univ. of London as Assistant Prof.)

  • Harsha Honnappa (PhD, 2014) (Currently: Purdue as Assistant Prof.)

  • William Haskell (Postdoc, 2014) (Currently: Purdue as Assistant Prof.)

  • Dileep Kalathil (PhD, 2014) (Currently: Texas A&M as Assistant Prof.)

  • Abhishek Gupta (Postdoc, 2015) (Currently: Ohio State as Assistant Prof.)

  • Wenyuan Tang (PhD, 2015) (Currently: North Carolina State as Assistant Prof.)

  • Naumaan Nayyar (PhD, 2015) (Currently: Senior Applied Scientist at Amazon (previous: IBM Research, Vivace Systems))

  • Yi Ouyang (postdoc, 2016-17) (Currently: Preferred Networks, Berkeley)

  • Mukul Gagrani (PhD, 2020, co-advised with Ashutosh Nayyar) (Currently: Qualcomm)

  • Hiteshi Sharma (PhD, 2020), (Currently: Researcher at Microsoft)

  • Tiberius Wehrly (MS, 2020) (Currently: Raytheon)

  • Rujie Yu (MS, 2020) (Currently: Texas A&M)

  • Alex Vilesov (BS, 2021) (Currently: UCLA)

  • Daniel Leng (BS, 2021) (Currently: )

Information for Prospective Students

  • For current USC students: I am actively looking for new PhD students. Areas of interest include Reinforcement and Online Learning. If you would like to discuss research opportunities, send me an email describing your interests with a copy of your CV.

  • For prospective USC students: If you are interested in the Masters or PhD program in the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering, you can find some information here. Application deadline is around December 1 for the following year. If you intend to pursue a Master’s only, please apply directly to the program. If you are considering a PhD (even if you don’t have Master’s yet), you should apply to the program and can contact me as well. Before sending me an email, please look at my brief research statement, and my recent projects and papers. If you have an interest in working with me, send me an email with your CV and statement of purpose. Your CV should have details about your educational background, undergraduate and graduate coursework, class projects and thesis, internships and other research experience, your current mathematical skills and interest, programming skills, and written and verbal English communication skills. If you have listed me as a potential faculty research advisor, please send me an email and I will look at your file. Since most of the work I do is fairly mathematical, I am looking for students who are so inclined. You may have an undergraduate or Master’s degree in electrical engineering, computer science, industrial and systems engineering, mathematics, statistics, or a related area. I will likely hire a couple of graduate students in Fall. I may have a summer position for an undergraduate student.